one golden sun
*** SALE/ TOMs & Vans*** hand painted, one of a kind, custom shoes (up to 2 characters or 1 architectural element per shoe) *price includes brand new shoes*

*** SALE/ TOMs & Vans*** hand painted, one of a kind, custom shoes (up to 2 characters or 1 architectural element per shoe) *price includes brand new shoes*

***PLEASE NOTE: custom painted shoes ordered after FEBRUARY 1, 2018 at this price ($150), will be placed at the bottom of the custom order queue, and as such, may not be delivered for up to 3 months. If you place your order NOW you are agreeing to a delivery date of JUNE 15, 2018 at the latest. It is very possible & even likely, that your piece will be done sooner, but I can't guarantee that. As a special thank you for placing your order now, and allowing me time to create something so special for you at a reasonable pace, you can take advantage of this limited time reduced cost (OGS Custom Painted Shoes of this type typically sell for $280+ per pair, depending on what you want painted)****

*** SHIPPING COST INCLUDES PRIORITY 2-DAY SHIPPING WITH $200 worth of INSURANCE to protect your one-of-a-kind order in the event of loss or damage in transit*** 

Celebrate your love of the happiest place on earth with your own custom painted shoes! These collectibles are a great way to commemorate a trip or a family reunion, or accentuate your destination wedding and magical birthday. They're also the perfect way to merge multiple elements of the fandom into one piece. You can see other OneGoldenSun custom work on Instagram (use hashtag #OGScustoms #OGScustomears & #OGSmastEARpieces).

These pieces are hand painted & one of a kind and will be made to order. The Artist will provide the brand new shoes-- please note your style and size in your message to seller at check out. You may choose from TOM's Slip Ons, Vans Classic Slip Ons or Keds Slip Ons (Narrow, Regular or Wide). 

To order, you will need to provide The Artist with the following:

1.) A theme for your shoes. Themes can be based around a particular attraction, character, park foods, films, holidays, celebrations etc.  

2.) Up to 2 animated characters OR major design elements (this could include any of the castles, park buildings, ride facades, film scenes etc) that will be depicted on your shoes.  For this listing, you can choose up to 2 characters per toe of the shoe. You can swap out characters for a castle or other architectural element if you'd prefer-- one building = 2 characters. This listing is only for painting on the front part (the toe) of the shoe, as shown. Your design will include a background for your characters or elements. If we have discussed a heel element already, those ARE included in this listing as well. 

Please allow the artist to create the shoe artwork in a way that will best suit the overall shape and design. You will be included in the initial design process and I will make sure you are pleased with the concept before moving forward with the painting. 

3.) Dislikes! Please let me know in advance if there is anything you DONT want depicted (or if there is an element you want to make sure doesn't go unacknowledged)-- for example, if you choose Peter Pan's Flight as your theme & Tinkerbell & Tigerlily as your characters, I might assume that you want the rest of the shoe to depict Neverland's colors and flora... but if you want half the band to show London instead, you'd need to say that. Or if its a Dumbo themed shoe & you can't stand Timothy mouse, I'd need to know that so I don't put him inside Dumbo's hat!

4. Shoes preference! As these are custom orders that can't be returned, you will need to make sure you know which style/ brand and size of shoe you need for your order. The Artist will not be responsible for any mis-measurement on the part of the client. If you would prefer to send your own shoes, please contact The Artist for a price quote and ordering info. Please note, the shoes MUST be brand new or they can not be used for your order.

Product Details:
There are a lot of places to order painted shoes, but many use subpar materials which will crack and peel, "alligator" or bubble up after just limited use. My shoes are painted using materials and techniques I have developed over the past year and a half, based on my formal education as an artist. Your pieces will be specially sealed, so the paint is protected from both UV light damage, water and typical wear & tear. They can be worn outside, in inclement weather, without concern. Your order will ship with some simple care instructions (easy things, I promise!). By purchasing this listing, you are agreeing to hold harmless The Artist for any usage decisions you may make.

The work will be initialed on the toe, and then signed & dated on the inside. The price includes the cost of the brand new shoes themselves, and the materials and labor to produce this original, custom piece for you. Your piece will be shipping Priority Mail with tracking. You can purchase Insurance for an additional fee if you would like (please let me know this in advance so I can get you the price quote from the USPS for your order).

Artist's Rights to Reproduction:
Before your piece ships, I will photograph it so I can use it in my portfolio & to help others see examples of options in the future. If for some reason you do not want your piece to be shared (I will never share your name or personal information), please let me know in advance.

Turnaround Time:
During this pre-order period, please allow up to 4 months for delivery. Once the pre-order period is over/ orders are cut off, you would normally want to allow 6 weeks for delivery. If you are planning for a trip coming up, and have a deadline for delivery, I will definitely try to accommodate your order. There may be a rush fee, if meeting your deadline requires me to deviate from the order queue-- but email me in advance to check. You may get lucky and catch me between orders!

The Fine Print (Terms & Conditions):
This is a custom painted item & as such, it can not be returned or refunded. Before you purchase this listing, please email me with any questions or concerns. By purchasing this listing, you are agreeing to accept The Artist's rendering of the subject & understand that the work will be depicted in The Artist's style. When working with specific characters, The Artist will employ techniques to honor their specific styles. You can see examples of my work throughout my site & get an idea of what, stylistically, you can expect. ALL SALES ARE FINAL & once payment is received, it can not be refunded for any reason, even if production has yet to begin. The purchase of this listing constitutes an agreement to all the terms listed above.
280 USD150 USD